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Post con postingness!

What an amazing FC this year was for me an my friends!
Thursday arriving a the con was delayed because of emergency thai food! oh, so nummy! When justinrbunny and I finally arrived, it wasnt more than one or two passes through the lobby saying hi to folk before the drinking started. Day 1 was full of rum and curry! At the bar, farrelycoyote attempted to take a picture with my phone. The failure was great. On his thirs try, the flash and everythign went off, and he got the pic of the suit we wanted a snap of. On the small screen of the phone, you couldnt tell that the lens was set in 'close-up' mode.
farrelycoyote and Kif's room wasnt suppossed to be hosting a party until Friday night. Still, they had a mellow, closed-door kinf of warm-up party. Which was standing room only and rocked through the night.
I finally turned in sometime just before the sun came up I think. reveille_d no longer rattles widows when he sleeps. Which of course, means that he can now hear everyone else's snoring, and spent the con without the proper earplugs needed. :(
Friday morning I went to the reg line and decided I couldn't do the line on an empty tummy. And I wanted a little pocket camera. So in the rain, I walked to Frys and got myself one. Frys is not close to the con hotel...
Ate on the way back, then got my reg out of the way. Before I went back upstairs to put my con packet away, I hit the dealers room and bought what turned out to be my sole purchase of the con, kyellgold's Waterways novel. The day was spent reconnecting with old friends and firing up the new camera. justinrbunny threw his name into the Iron Artist ring, and was pulled from the hat. He did commence kicking of the butt, and defeated his Iron Artist!
And then the 'real' party began. A second night of excellence, finishing with a quick sneak into the secret underworks of the hotel!
Saturday saw the Fursuit Parade, which was ginormous! I was lynxthoughts's handler, as he had a big 7 foot tall steel weapon, and Flare insisted that he neither hack, nor poke, anyone with it! When the evening rolled around, I had 4 quick drinks in a row, then let myself coast for the rest of the eveing on that light buzz. I turned in a bit early, barely after midnight!
Sunday was the grand finale day for me. The Furry Night Live show wasnt too bad, especially compared to years past. The San Jose Taiko Drummers played a set for half an how before the show, though, and were phenominal. I probably spend 4+ hours hanging out with bigpaws, which was nice, as is the Silicon Valley way of social circles, we often passed by each other when he lived here, but never really hung out much.

Somewhere in the weekend, I made it to Ethopian for dinner, it was the first time I'd had it. In the past when people would go, something always came up, or I'd just eaten, etc. It was YUMMEH.

And I got to see snowyote, so I know he's still alive and singlehandedly raising the awesomeness factor of all of California by 6 points just by being him!

So much more, dollraves was there helping tugrik to take a zillion pictures, and seeming to have quite a good time showing off her...hello kitty corset. ;)

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